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Posture Care Comfort Mattress

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Posture Care Comfort Mattress

The Dura Beds Posture Care 1000 Mattress is a very well made mattress, designed for those who prefer a firmer feeling mattress at a great price. The 1000 Pocket Springs in this mattress work together with the Orthopaedic fillings to provide support as well as comfort.

The Posture Care 1000 Mattress has a specially constructed fibre filling pad on the surface, which has been chosen as it provides a firmness level that most fillings cannot. This fibre pad combined with the supportive springs underneath result in a supportive mattress, but the fibre fillings are also breathable, allowing air to flow freely through the mattress, keeping it cool and comfortable at all times. Dura Beds has also fitted breather vents to further increase airflow.

The 1000 Pocket Springs at the core of this mattress is very responsive, moving up and down like a piston as weight is applied. These springs will conform to the contours of the body, preventing aches and pains caused by pressure points and also promoting good posture. A Pocket Spring works well because it is set within a fabric 'pocket' of its own, preventing it from causing surrounding springs from moving when they do not need to. The result is very accurate support.

This is a tufted mattress, hence the dips on the surface, which is caused by a cord being passed through the mattress, binding the fillings and springs in place. This process not only increases the durability of the mattress, but also ensures the surface tension is the same throughout.

The Posture Care 1000 Mattress has handles on the sides for easy movement when required. This is a turnable mattress, so it will need flipping over and spinning around once per season (alternating between the two). We recommend that this process is done weekly in the first two months after delivery to ensure an even level of settlement.

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